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Anonymous Male masturbator Review: The Minna Limon

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Over recent years, vibrator companies and stores have asked us to research their toys so they could earn, you no doubt know, their toys.?Immediately, our anonymous reviewers tested the Minna Limon vibrator, purchased herself but on offer at Babeland.

  • Size: 3\” by 2\” by 2\”
  • Material: silicone
  • Color: teal or pink
  • Price: $119

Let\’s obtain the “it\’s so cute it feels like a lemon that underwent genetic modification to be colors lemons aren\’t in nature” part over and done with, given it does and it\’s also and I want more teal adult toys now please. (This also can be purchased in pink, Perhaps.)

Phew okay, let\’s jump in.

The Minna Limon is really a cute, smallish, lemon-shaped, waterproof, rechargeable external vibrator for you to control which has a single button and squeezing two pressure cushions on both sides. The cool part – the part that had people most anxious about the Limon once it heats up had its indiegogo campaign in 2013 plus the part that helped me consider out now – is the squishy pressure cushions interact with the speed and power of your touch without having interference. If you need it lighter or stronger you squeeze lighter or stronger and it also just would it. Labeling will help you incredibly aware of your whole body in a feels natural (because you\’d be holding it this way anyway) and does not involve any other steps.

You can make your patterns as you go, and also lock one inch. I hate the pattern settings on sexual aids simply because they always manage to just impede. The Limon may be the first where they haven\’t. I still found myself certainly not setting a pattern, because I liked it being understanding of my touch a whole lot, but I did find myself locking it to some steady intensity sometimes. Which I actually found raised a dilemma: generally if i require to use the Limon with a high-intensity setting, I need to squeeze it pretty hard, and also, since I take a while in to the future I\’ve got to keep squeezing for a time. The entire body on the toy vibrates (which happens to be otherwise a bonus), so me absorbs most of the vibrations; furthermore, it means that after a number of minutes my fingers set out to need to do something more productive. When I should you to remain for a stronger setting, it\’s far more comfortable to carry, but since i must grip it less tightly, additionally it is incredibly more gonna slip out from my fingers. (Cupping it together with the palm of my hand helped a bit, and not after i wanted the nub right after the toy close to my clit.)

That same slipperyness developed as soon as i tried on the extender with a partner – between lube-y and otherwise damp bodies and lube-y fingers, we only kept dropping it. The silicone of the toy is matte, smooth and soft without getting shiny or draggy, and pick-up dust in case you so that you can down for just two seconds like some toys I could truthfully name, however it still slipped out from my fingers a few times. But otherwise, it absolutely was great to simply buy it and employ it and be able to use it on the proper intensity in the meantime without having to mess around with settings. It had been also fun to wedge between us during sexual intercourse, though I found I mostly wanted to hold it in place. (And, unlike other vibrators I\’d think of as small, there wasn\’t any way it was actually visiting slot in a harness during strap-on sex.)

It\’s also pretty strong – not simply strong for something small, but objectively strong, by using a choice of speeds that happen to be nice in case you just don\’t need whatever intense now. And quiet. And rechargeable. Related, and perchance best of all, whenever you switch it on it vibrates to inform that how charged it\’s, something I would personally label sex-changing.

In sum, the Minna Limon?is fun to view, think of, use, drop in the grass, wash off and employ again. When you don’t actually have or want to upgrade another clit vibe, like rumbly vibrations and don’t need something such as a Magic Wand, it might be the vibrator to suit your needs.


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