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Is Period Sex The last Lesbian Sexual Indicator?

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In February 2015, Autostraddle launched The final Lesbian Sex Survey, available to all “lady-types who sleep with lady-types.” We garnered over 8,566 complete responses (89% the fact that were from people between 18 and 36) and then we’re sharing the outcome on you, slowly. Today, we’re referring to period sex.

How someone feels about having intercourse in their period can be a surprisingly good indicator of methods they think about all forms of sex, using the Ultimate Lesbian Sex Survey. Overall, individuals who answered we were holding “enthusiastically in favor” of sex on his or her period were quite likely going to get more, longer, plus more satisfying sex; very likely to be ecstatic inside their relationships; going to prefer non-monogamous relationships; going to be kinky (using one of kinky people, more prone to be up for anything); more likely to use safer sex practices; and much more gonna report overall satisfaction with regards to their sex lives in comparison to people “strongly against” sex in their period.

Period sex might as well be the new shorthand for whether someone may very well be adventurous?in bed. I was so captivated by this which broke it down across just about every category we examined, as well as on almost every single question, people enthusiastically for sex with their period were also more probable?to remain enthusiastically favoring other things. It’s difficulty . one can find very few analysts.

Sex In your Period, Sex On Hers

To start, we asked how respondents experience sex during their period and exactly how they are about sex during the partner’s period. (Elsewhere, 92% of survey respondents defined sex as “at any time you are with one one else and someone is attempting to generate someone provide an orgasm.”) Once it heats up located sex throughout their period, 37% of respondents were enthusiastically or somewhat for, 24% were neutral, and 23% were somewhat or strongly against it. (There were also some respondents to whom the question isn\’t applicable.) In the event it came to sex within a partner’s period, 42% were enthusiastically or somewhat for, 33% were neutral, and 23% were somewhat or strongly against it.

To some degree, how someone felt about sex on their period indicated the direction they felt about sex on a partner’s. For example, just two citizens were enthusiastically into sex throughout their periods but strongly against sex on a partner’s, i can only assume many people misread the issue or are assholes or virgins who can’t drive. (I investigated. Neither was a virgin.) And 59% of the people strongly against sex during a partner’s period were also against sex during their own. Largely, however, respondents were better or neutral about sex in a partner’s period than during their own individual.

Interestingly, 82% of them enthusiastically into sex in their period were from a monogamous or non-monogamous relationship, and 62% of these strongly against were. It’s probable that folks relationships are certainly more comfortable having sex on their period, but it’s not universally true.

Period Sex And exactly how Good Your Bedroom antics Is

Comparing across those enthusiastically favoring sex on the period versus those strongly against sex on his or her period as being the site of the very dramatic difference was where things begin to get interesting. Only 12% of respondents said these were enthusiastically favoring sex throughout their own period (came from here on, just “period sex”), while 12% were strongly against it. These two groups acted like opposite ends on the gradient, with “somewhat for,” “neutral,” and “somewhat against” spaced about evenly totally for pretty much every question.

What I ran across? How someone feels about period sex is a pretty good indicator strategies good most of their love life is. As well as more into period sex someone was, the more effective that love life.

Those enthusiastically for period sex had sex more frequently; 66% of the people enthusiastically favoring period sex have sexual intercourse weekly or over, in comparison to 34% of them strongly against. They had been also very likely to have sex that lasts longer: 56% reported a typical sexual encounter of a single to two hours if not more versus 51% of these strongly against. Those strongly against were also considerably more likely to have sexual encounters lasting under A quarter-hour (6% for him or her versus 1.5% for those enthusiastically for).

Those simply period sex also reported being more confident asleep: 49% feel “very confident,” in comparison to 25% for everyone strongly against.

Since what amount and the way often aren’t everything, we all inquired about respondents’ satisfaction utilizing their relationships once they were in any, and with their sex lives overall.

For those invoved with a minimum of one non-monogamous relationship of any kind, 53% of the people enthusiastically in favor of period sex are ecstatic that relationship as compared with 27% of them strongly against. We were looking at additionally a a bit more prone to fill in with their partners for fun instead of to steer to sex every day or even more (54% vs?43%) plus much more more likely to try a new challenge while having sex maybe once or twice a month or higher (72% vs?46%). And, these were going to speak about sex with partners every day if not more (59% vs?24%) plus more likely to report feeling “very successful” communicating about sex (89% vs?54%).

For those involved with a monogamous relationship, 86% of the people enthusiastically in favor of period sex are ecstatic about that relationship when compared to 57% of them strongly against. They were also quite likely going to write out with their partners for amusement rather then to lead to sex once a day if not more (71% vs?47%) plus more more likely to try interesting things in bed once or twice on a monthly basis if not more (51% vs?24%). They usually were more likely to speak about sex with partners every day or higher (61% vs?30%) and much more about to report feeling “very successful” communicating about sex (92% vs?60%).

Finally, those enthusiastically for period sex were more likely to are satisfied with their sex lives overall; 35% said we were looking at “very satisfied,” compared to 16% of people strongly against.

Period Sex and just what Your Sex Life Looks Like

Feelings about period sex are also a superb indicator of the things that sex life appears. Again, nearly across the board, being into period sex got more probable respondents would be into- food items actually have else.

Those enthusiastically for period sex were:

  • More gonna be up for just a partner watching them masturbate (50% vs?16%), and more gonna need to watch an accomplice masturbate (74% vs?41%);
  • More planning to use sextoys alone (54% vs 39%) or with a partner (52% vs?24%) every week if not more; and
  • More likely to be exclusively or very considering kink (57% vs 28%).

Even among kinky people, those enthusiastically simply period sex tend to consider giving or receiving – including – impact enjoy hands (79% vs 60%) or toys (62% vs 43%), power play (74% vs 52%), face slapping (52% vs 31%), blindfolding (86% vs 77%), hair pulling (93% vs 81%), biting (94% vs 89%), light bondage (88% vs 73%), heavy bondage (48% vs 29%), marks (67% vs 48%), nipple play (62% vs 41%), orgasm control (71% vs 54%), pain (67% vs 45%), consensual non-consent/”rape” play (44% vs 28%), scratching (83% vs 71%), temperature play (68% vs 52%), play piercing (12% vs 5%), gags (45% vs 27%), exhibitionism/voyeurism (58% vs 33%), service (51% vs 31%), role play (67% vs 49%), and, perhaps unsurprisingly, blood play (21% vs 7%).

Even though in most cases the primary difference was small, those enthusiastically favoring period sex were more in the activity at hand compared to those strongly against, using the likelihood someone will be considering something largely decreasing in addition to their enthusiasm for period sex.

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Those enthusiastically and only period sex were also unlikely to get familiar with unsafe sexual behavior, with 53% reporting they will don’t use protection, versus 63% of those strongly against. The dpi seems high; queer women are notoriously bad at safer sex. These folks were also prone to always discuss safer sex with first-time (46% vs 36%) and long-term (48% vs 33%) partners, though this could have also been because they were almost certainly going to are actually diagnosed with an STI (16% vs 7%) – though since those strongly against were also way more more likely to report having never been tested for STIs, that won\’t be representative.

There you have it! All you never wanted to find out about period sex but have already been instructed to discover. The great thing about checking out a pile of data is it helps you discover overall trends, but we didn’t produce an open-ended response question about period sex, so please share your stories within the comments!


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