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38 Inspirational Ways You Weirdos Described Your "Types"

Two weeks ago for any Friday Open Thread, Gurus you what your “type” is and friends and neighbors, you did not ok, i\’ll down! It felt being a 90s slumber party with 150 of my favorite friends and i also can’t wait to hold out with you again soon within an open thread! Everybody were so specific and earnest and honestly, I’m motivated to seriously hone in on who I would like to crush on any further. Thank you for your personal contribution to last week’s thread, and also for your pleasure, here\’s 38 from the ones that inspired me to be available and demand some tips i want, presented in list form.

1. Femmes who definitely are probably social workers

2. Mean femmes

3. Glammed up butches

4. Overextended busy queers

5. Southern charm

6. Unavailable

7. “One who might wear a sundress sometime & tenderly murders me using a look.”

8. Shane (from?The L Word)

9. “Grown-up?Spinellis”

10. Bean-shaped

11. Not really men

12. Scorpio

13. Tender sci-fi tomboys

14. Wholesome and puppyish

15. Old wealth

16. “Shirley Manson femme”

17. “Femmes who is going to murder you”

18. Rachel Maddow on screen

20. Rachel Maddow off screen

21. Everyone but actors

22. “Dominant nature loving perverts, happy to practice artistic/creative endeavors, have sexual intercourse during the woods, and tie me up.”

23. Nice Jewish Girl??

24. “Andro/MOC folx with soft curvy bodies and crazy hair”

25. The recently divorced

26. Boaters

27. Bookish butches

28. Gregarious introverts

29. ???Older women

30. Smart girls who mimic they played soccer

31. Bisexual Jewish therapists

32. Assertive organized girly girls

33. “Apparently women while using name \”Carmen\” which started with Carmen Cortez in Spy Kids as a kid until I graduated to Carmen en Pica Morales. Women totally out from my league.”

34. Younger, hot, queer Meryl Streep

35. Little spoons

36. Scary, brooding people

37. Masculine-of-center STEM majors

38. Straight women


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