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I'm MAD Available for you

He Drives me MAD!

But inside of a simple method!

My hubby sure is able to make me race and my figure sweat! I understand what you’re thinking… and that’s NOT what this quick March Madness idea is about…?SORRY!

Although you\’ll encounter hearts racing and bodies sweating, it\’ll unfortunately be from the college athletes to the TV.? However, this year, you can just a little love, sass and fun to your hubby’s basketball trance to check out if he is able to require a “time out” to relax and play just a little one-on-one together with you!

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First, print these sporty printables, produced by the talented Kristin at CdotLove, in your favorite card stock.? Then present this box Filled with basketball themed coupons and love notes, in addition to our silly Mad Lib at the beginning of March Madness!

I recommend layering your coupons and love notes, almost every other, so he becomes a redeemable treat as well as a sweet message.

He’s visiting go MAD in your case when he sees all the nice coupons you’ve offered him to ensure his March Madness experience is the better one yet.? He may get ONE uninterrupted evening of basketball viewing, a guys night out, his FAV viewing treat As well as a spicy evening of Strip Horse to remain the basketball theme into your bedroom!

And if he isn’t basketball-ed by the end of these coupons, he sure will likely be with the sweet love notes that make clear Most of the reasons you’re MAD for him!


To improve the overall fun, generate a March Madness themed date, equipped with a lovely invite, an empty bracket and goodie containers!? He’ll love how enthusiastic you’ve become for his favorite sport!


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