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Covert Cupid – A Valentine's Tradition

Fun Valentine’s Tradition for the complete Family!!

We are SO very excited flying insects this fun family tradition to every one individuals!! When we see a good idea which helps families connect, serve the other and enjoy along the way, were ALWAYS aboard! And whenever we found this article regarding a Secret Cupid activity for the whole family, we had to put our very own twist in it! P.S. We enjoy Sarah! You?have to have a look at her post AND her blog!!! Seriously, she completely inspired this article and then we leave her with full credit for the fun direction this pack took! From her inspiration –?Covert Cupid came to be! Covert Cupid can be a family tradition that runs the first 14 days of February before Valentine’s Day and it\’s ALL about serving the other person!! Who doesn’t love some extra LOVE in life!?!

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And now… to the Covert Cupid grand reveal!! These free printable packs are amazingly beautiful and were only possible as a result of over-the-top talent of Leah at Leah Aldous Designs! She\’s got created what you need to display this tradition for some time! Jewel just you and your partner or perhaps a family with children at home we have a pack available for you!

An overview of Covert Cupid is this: The whole family will draw the url of another member of the family. You are then answerable for performing an action and services information for the comparable on a daily basis for an additional a couple weeks. ?Remember that to be covert means that you are doing something secretly or without anyone knowing. ?For just two weeks straight the whole family are going to be searching out little ways to brighten each other’s day, convey a smile using one another’s faces and ?involve some serious fun en route!

This activity will become within the 1st day of February and go totally until Valentine’s Day. About the morning of February 1st you\’ll want to leave the invitation from Cupid himself out its your family to discover! That evening you are going to all gather together to your special day – drawing names!! We certainly have created bright, beautiful name strips to be able to remove and write everyone’s names on! While in the pack you\’ll also find a **Mom or Dad’s Eyes Only** master sheet to make sure that someone carries a reference in case anyone forgets, or occurs to get caught up, you\’ve got a master set of who everyone drew!

After you\’ve drawn your names, Covert Cupid has officially begun!! If you list your gorgeous printable pack you will find a page that covers many of the rules, Websites discussing all of them your household night which the activity begins so most people are for a passing fancy page and understands their responsibilities on the next 2 weeks. The point of this isn’t to complete anything huge, its small acts everyday that tally up! With everyone looking for strategies they will do something for another person you will find absolute to become a greater a feeling of love within your?home!?

Remind the kiddos potentially they are on special assignment from Cupid! These bright bracelets are the way for getting them serious about being a Covert Cupid and Official Person the Cupid Club! A tip to make these last two weeks is to have them laminated and add Velcro dots?so that they are easily removable at bath-time!?

This pack comes with a checklist for each and every relation in order that they don’t forget to accomplish an action of service every day! For anyone who is running close to ideas, we\’ve provided a listing of 40 suggestions for get your wheels turning and pondering techniques that you can serve 1 another!!?Most of the ideas that may be outlined include: choosing a small toy an example being a container of Play-Doh, baking them preferred treat, making their bed, leaving them an attractive note telling them the reason why you love them so much or even letting them have fun with your favorite toys for any day!?


Frame the Valentine’s countdown so as to write on the glass which has a dry erase marker! This tends to ensure everyone in the house knows the number of days are left until Valentine’s Day!!

Each day just like you determine an action of kindness you will need to snatch one of these brilliant cute printables to “leave with the scene!” By doing this family members member sees that something thoughtful may be done exclusively for them by their Covert Cupid!

Inside of your pack you\’ll also find an instruction sheet. This article explains everything to your activity, how each printable should really be used and how many copies you will require! This signifies that it is possible to pull Covert Cupid?off for years to come!!

The entire thing will conclude on Valentine’s Day whenever you arrive at reveal to each other who’s Covert Cupid you might be businesses couple of weeks! That of a fun surprise and exciting family activity which gets everyone looking at the other person!?

And thats it! I do know Covert Cupid can be a tradition that might be seen in home for years! Hopefully it can be in yours likewise!!


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