Dating While Nerdy

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There’s been a great deal of curiosity about geek dating lately. TLC recently aired Geek Love, a two-episode special in regards to a speed-dating event with the Los angeles Comic-Con, geek-oriented online dating sites are popping up continually and films love thinking about the geek in love with the favorite girl. Geeks and nerds happen to be in a pop-culture ascendency right now, and with Valentine’s Day arising and con season arriving soon afterwards, it’s no small wonder why our geeky brethren are feeling the need to search out relationship and shortly.

The problem, of course, is the fact many nerds feel that being geeky or nerdy is usually a?hindrance. A deal-breaker even. It’s not terribly surprising; most geeks, especially geek guys, are taught almost all their lives that they’re going to be a sex-free zone. The widely accepted culture still can portray geeks as socially retarded man-children who can’t relate with a lady that doesn’t exist on on your computer screen maybe in all pages of any comic or magazine, along with a lot?folks internalize those lessons. It is a vicious loop: greater imagine how they can’t obtain a relationship because?they’re a geek, the greater they tend permit their social skills atrophy, which in turn helps it be harder to obtain the love they gotta have, which can be further blamed on their being geeky.

Other geeks will in reality romanticize?their social misfortunes; will certainly find a person who could look inside of the nerdy surface and appreciate many of the love they need to give brings about a poetic figure, suffering because he or she nobly won\’t lower their standards and accept anything a lot less than exactly?what they need. They could want to find love or sex, nonetheless the?depredations in the cold, cruel world ensure that is stays from their store. Being alone makes them special and they experience their pain.

The outcome is identical; whether it’s an item of pride or perhaps case of shame, the geek may inherit the Earth, nonetheless they won’t receive laid along the way.

So, does being a nerd suggest that you’re doomed to get forever alone? Can you be a geek and still receive some action?

Damn right you can.

It’s time to end up being the variety of geek that ladies love.

Geek Seeks Same

The most obvious answer for geeks whorrrre interested in love should be to date other geeks. All things considered, who safer to understand your hobbies over a fellow geek? And after all, aren’t shared interests the cornerstone for that great relationship? You could bond over your love of game titles or Star Wars or Dr. Who! Problem solved, right?

And they lived happily ever after… until the Anti-Monitor destroyed their universe and used their souls to power his wave-motion cannon.


Even if you’re interested in dating an actual geek but not an idealized fantasy figure, the belief that you’re both geeks doesn’t show that all of your current troubles are solved. Initially: not everybody’s a geek comparable things to exactly the same level. You may both be The exorcist fans, but you will find worlds of ?distinction between “bought the Blu-Rays”, “own Hong Kong bootleg DVDs within the original trilogy’s theatrical releases” and “speaking fluent Mando’a, decorating the house in wall-to-wall standees, action figures, Lego sets and lightsabers”. One man’s fandom is surely an obsessive collection to a different one woman. One woman’s quirky collection can be another man’s deal-breaker.

…although I do believe we can easily all agree this rocks !.

But more importantly, being considering dating a fellow geek doesn’t excuse through a needing to maintain certain behavioral standards. Sad but true: many geeky guys have an interest in geeky girls because, frankly, in their mind it’s a pass from being forced to develop social skills. In any case, you’re both geeks; she should understand and forgive you for being socially awkward without your making any effort to improve on your behalf!

It’s perhaps the most common fallacy; we obtain so hung up about the “geek” label that any of us forget that we’re still people too. Just becoming a geek isn’t gonna guarantee an immediate attraction, nor will it mask flaws in your own hygiene or behavior. A geek who smells isn’t gonna purchase a distribute of nerdy solidarity, nor is a creepy-acting nerd will be forgiven even though he’s wearing a Tardis t-shirt.

Whether you’re considering dating the lovable geek through the comic store, the recent businessman or the former cheerleader, you should be in a position to live up to basic standards.

Know The Stereotypes To disregard The Stereotypes

When we say “geek” or “nerd”, certain images are involved immediately. Overweight and slovenly. Alternately, painfully underweight and lacking any muscle-tone whatsoever. Bad skin. Poor personal?hygiene and grooming. A clear case of arrested development currently in their parent’s basement, struggling to live out within the “real world”. Closets packed with nothing but ill-fitting cheap black t-shirts, all festooned with xbox game characters, superhero logos or band names. Alternately painfully shy or comically?belligerent?about their geeky interests. Liable to intellectual snobbery and filled with condescension to other people, applying their intellect such as a bludgeon to attempt to make others feel stupid. A chronic lack of ability to follow social cues and cultural norms of acceptable behavior. An inability to support conversations out side within their limited spheres useful. Shut-ins who haven’t seen actual sunlight in years.?Keyboards and game controllers covered in Cheeto dust. Collections of geeky ephemera that leave instances of Hoarders mimic testaments to organization and cleanliness.

You might not exactly fit that description. May very well not know?anybody that does in your circle of friends. It doesn’t matter. Once you call yourself a geek, those are the stereotypes you’re going to be facing. It’s not fair, but it’s what sort of world can be as it currently stands. Those are the ideas you’re destined to be facing for the dating market. These represent the obstacles you’re going to have to overcome.

Fortunately, you will have the foremost expert in geek dating advice to assist you along.

Prepare Your Pad

Your house is a representation of who you really are. It’s your household base, the place where you are what you do. And we’re visiting get a new shit due to it

I’ve talked before concerning how to maintain bachelor pad from being where sex would flow to die, but I’m planning to re-emphasize the previous section here: whether you’re bringing home geeks or jocks, you ought to maintain the geeky side?in balance. Never give up you are doing is choose to bring someone home and get her realize that you’ve decorated your apartment in wall-to-wall nerd.

Now don’t misunderstand me: I’m not implying you must de-geek your whole place. Not even close to it, the fact is; you should display your interests; they’re an essential element of who you really are and you\’ll not be embarrassed with it. But there’s a great line between exhibiting your geeky side the other that seems such as Entertainment Earth catalogue crawled to your living room area and promptly exploded. You don’t wish to appear a hyper-developed man-child who never quite been able to become adults, so it’s time to trim things back

Your first stage is to take down the irredeemably nerdy stuff; if it’s something you wouldn’t reasonably expect to see in the grown-up’s apartment, it’s time for them to put ’em away. You don’t have to toss ’em, nonetheless it is?a chance to put both of them away.This implies wall-scrolls, unframed posters, game tie-in “feelies” like cloth maps, any statues or toys which entail scantily clad as well as almost any pillow cases and bedsheets. ?Similarly, it’s the perfect time to consider storing up the LEGO dioramas and action figure collections, particularly when nobody is ready to touch ’em. ?Box the unacceptable gear as well as it into storage. If you need to store these questions spare closet, make sure to?Hit the Container Store, get some good boxes and organizational kits; having everything neatly filed away rather than a jumbled chaotic mess will win you points and?make it less difficult for you to pull things out when needed.

So seeing that you’ve pared things down, what do you want out in general display? Movie posters are fantastic choices… as long as they’re professionally framed. A simple escape to Michaels or Hobby Lobby instantly classes up even the cheesiest B-Movie poster. Get geek and?style bonus points by collecting several of the artist edition posters from artists like Olly Moss, Nakatomi Plaza and Mondo Press. Original art from the favorite comics also look really good when framed, matted and hung.

Some more technical LEGO models, especially ships also generate great display pieces, same as certain movie prop replicas. Read style magazines and check out up design blogs for ideas strategies to display your gear. You don’t just want to your house to become a combination toybox and sleeping space; a bit of style and creativity turns a nerd’s den right into a stylish pad!

One firm rule: Keep number of life-size standees, statues and busts to a minimum and none?with your bedroom. You might adore it, but including the most dedicated geek you bring home is going to have difficulties getting down for naked sexytimes with Jar-Jar’s smiling face looking recorded on from next to the bed.

"Yousa shoulda have fun with her nipples more!"

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